Vehicle Protection

Use Altapac's vehicle protection services to make sure your car stays immaculate. Protect against damage, maintain value, and travel in comfort.

Whether your vehicle is your Pride and Joy, an investment to protect or you’re just sick of cleaning; we have a paint protection solution to help.

Paint Protection

Your vehicle’s paintwork is highly susceptible to damage from Chemical Attack, Impact, Abrasion & fading. We’ve all seen the havoc that acidic bird/bat droppings can wreak and our products are specially designed to prevent substances chemically adhering.

Many of our customers demand the utmost from their vehicle in extreme off-road conditions. For those concerned about hairline scratches and ‘pinstriping’ as a result of brush and scrub, we have a range of paint protection films which will self-level over the majority of scratches.

Types of Paint Protection

Our large range of Paint Protection products gives you a wider choice of features, finishes and prices. You’ll be able to offer your vehicle the protection you need with the look you desire at a price that delivers real value.

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Paint Sealant

Warranty:limited lifetime or 200,000km

Key Features

  • Prevents Chemical Attack
  • Stain resistance and Hydrophobic properties
  • Maintains lustre and shine
  • Far easier cleaning and maintenance

Why: Toughseal Paint Sealant is one of our most cost effective solutions and is ideal for customers who park their cars in the open or under trees

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Warranty:5 to 12 years warranty, depending on film selection.

Key Features

Why: Suntek’s Ultra Clear is our most popular Paint Protection Film. The high level of protection offered by this premium film is paired with a great price meaning this is one of the best value PPF options available.

  • HydroResist for exceptional stain and contaminant resistance.
  • Unique ability to resist impact like stone chips
  • Self-healing outer layer (scratches heal over in the heat of the sun)
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