Vehicle Fitouts

Maximise your vehicle's potential with Altapac's custom fitouts. From storage solutions to specialised equipment, we tailor your ride to your needs!

Discover your perfect vehicle, fully optimised for your needs as you take advantage of Altapac’s range of bespoke vehicle fit outs.

For organising all your gear while maximising the available space, Altapac offer custom solutions designed for your unique requirements. We’ve fitted out countless trucks, vans and utes from tradespeople needing quality tool storage to outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage of every weekend!

We take pride in developing vehicle fitouts fully compliant with manufacturer guidelines and precision installation undertaken by our professional team. Our builds include various types of organisation units, drawers and folding solutions designed to suit your needs.

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Tailored Fitouts

When you’re on the job, efficiency matters. That’s why easy-access solutions for tools are so popular. Organise, store, use and put away like never before with modular and custom solutions. Improve workflows, cut down on job times and get back on the road sooner with Altapac fitout solutions!

Specialised Fitouts for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Adventurers

We provide the ultimate solutions for the Outdoor lovers. From fridge slides, lighting, cooking solutions and more. With Altapac, you truly can bring the kitchen sink! Whether you need an easier way to store your kayak on the roof or need to double your onboard fuel storage, Altapac has the expertise, experience and selection to make your dream a reality.

Safety-First with Altapac Vehicle Fitouts

Our number one priority in the fit-out of a vehicle is the safety of the occupants. Altapac use ADR compliant products and follow manufacturer guidelines for all installations. Don’t put your family at risk with sub-par installations. Our team does everything possible to find the optimal configuration and arrangements of fitouts, reducing the probability of damage and accidents on the road.