Towbar Installation

Get towing-ready with Altapac's expert towbar installations. Safely hitch trailers, caravans, and more to your vehicle for hassle-free travels!

Hayman Reese Towbars & Towing Accessories

Our wide range of towbars and accessories and decades of towbar install experience ensures a secure, robust connection between your vehicle and your trailer, caravan, or camper, making Altapac your go-to towing specialist in Newcastle and Maitland.

At Altapac, we provide exceptional towing solutions to meet all your towing needs. We carry a huge selection of Hayman Reese towbars and towing accessories, renowned for their reliability and precision engineering. Ideal for varying towing requirements, Hayman Reese products ensure superior towing capacity, enabling you to tow with confidence every time.

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Trailer Harness Wiring and Programming

Our expertise in trailer harness wiring and programming ensures a seamless connection between your vehicle and trailer. As a proficient towbar installer in Newcastle and Maitland, we ensure your trailer harness wiring is professionally installed and programmed, providing safe and reliable towing experiences.

Electric Brake Controllers

Ensure compliance and maximum stopping power with our range of electric brake controllers. Vital (and required by law) when towing certain heavy loads, electric brake controllers ensure you have optimum control and sensitivity, making your journey safer. Discover our range of electric brakes which we can tailor to meet your specific towing needs.

Power Harnesses and Anderson Plugs

Stay connected wherever the road takes you with our range of electrical outlets. From USB ports, Anderson plugs, to 12V outlets, we provide a variety of options to keep your devices powered up while on the move. Never miss out on capturing the scenic beauty or staying in touch with your loved ones due to power issues again.

Breakaway Modules and Trailer Monitors

Our breakaway modules and trailer monitors are designed to provide an extra layer of safety when on the road. These systems alert you to any disconnections, ensuring a safer towing experience.

Recovery & Mine-Rated Towbars

Designed for rugged and heavy-duty use, our recovery and mine-rated towbars are the epitome of robustness. Ideal for commercial and industrial use, these towbars withstand the demands of recovery scenarios and harsh mining environments.

European and Custom-Fit Towbars

Discover our range of sleek European and custom-fit towbars, designed to integrate seamlessly with your vehicle. Our towbars are tailored to meet the specifications of a wide range of vehicles, offering a reliable, stylish towing solution for every vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Towbar Specialist

Embrace the future of towing with our electric vehicle towbar options. As specialists in electric vehicle towbars, we ensure your modern vehicle meets all towing requirements while adhering to manufacturer specifications and guidelines.

Weight Distribution Hitches

Achieve a smoother, safer ride with our range of weight distribution hitches. When towing heavy loads, maintaining a level and steady ride is crucial for safety and comfort. Altapac's range of weight distribution hitches effectively distribute the trailer load across your vehicle's axles, minimising sway, and ensuring optimal steering and braking control. As your dedicated towing specialist in Newcastle and Maitland, we provide professional advice and installation services, ensuring your weight distribution hitch is perfectly suited to your vehicle and trailer setup. Embrace the ease of towing with our premium weight distribution hitches, designed for a stable and stress-free towing experience.

Towbar Accessories

Discover a variety of towbar accessories to enhance your towing experience and vehicle capabilities. Our range includes towbar steps for easy access to your vehicle, while adjustable hitches ensure a perfect towing height for a safer, smoother ride. Drop hitches are ideal for vehicles with elevated tow points, keeping your trailer level for better handling and braking. Protect yourself with shin protectors that save your shins from painful knocks, and keep your towbar clean and protected with our range of towbar covers. With an assortment of additional accessories like lockable hitch pins to towing mirrors, we provide everything you need for a convenient and safe towing setup.

Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are an indispensable accessory for anyone looking to tow a trailer, caravan, or any other sizable attachment. They extend your field of vision, enabling you to see the ends of your tow load and the lanes beside you, significantly enhancing your driving safety. A clear, unobstructed view is crucial when maneuvering, merging, or reversing, especially in high-traffic situations. Our range of towing mirrors are designed for easy installation and adjustment, ensuring you have a clear view no matter the size of your tow load. Contact our team of towing specialists in Newcastle and Maitland to find the ideal towing mirror solution for your vehicle, ensuring a safer and more confident towing experience on the road.

Expert Fitment and Workshop Services

When it comes to towing and towbars, precise fitment and professional installation are paramount for ensuring safety and functionality. Our expert fitment and workshop services are tailored to provide meticulous installation, adjustments, and maintenance for all your towing needs. Whether you require a custom-fit towbar, wiring harness programming, or any other towing accessory installed, our highly skilled technicians are here to provide an exceptional service. Our workshops in Newcastle and Maitland are fully equipped to handle all aspects of towing accessory and towbar installations, making us your trusted destination for all towing solutions.