Bull Bars & Nudge Bars

Bull bars and nudge bars have come a long way since we first started installing them in the mid-1980’s. At Altapac, we’re confident we’ll be able to find the right bull bar or nudge bar for your vehicle for whatever purpose you want.


If you live or travel out west, you’ll probably be looking for a bullbar your 4WD or ute. Bullbars are crucial for life offroad and a great thing to have for people who spend time on the open road.

Because we’re not controlled by a head office, we have the choice of Australia’s best bullbar manufacturers. This means we can supply the largest range of bullbars in Newcastle and the Hunter for almost any purpose.

We stock stylish and lightweight alloy bull bars for basic front protection all the way through to tough steel bull bars for superior protection and recovery capabilities. We’ve even got a style of bull bar which matches perfectly to the body of your vehicle and looks like you’ve got nothing on it at all.

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Nudge bars are no longer exclusively for 4WDs and utes. We’ve installed nudge bars on all kinds of vehicles from small sedans to wagons and trucks for multiple purposes.

Nudge bars are a great way to mount accessories like light bars, but they can also offer protection for the most vital components at the front of your car.

Just like with our bull bars, we have a large range of nudge bars from Australia’s best suppliers. With your choice of 63mm diameter tall bars to 76mm diameter low bars and a wide range of colours to suit, we’re sure we’ll have a nudge bar for you.

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If your only reason for buying a nudge bar is to install a light bar or high beam lights to your car then we may have a solution which can save you money. Bushranger 4×4 produce the X-bar, a slimline mounting bracket for light bars that screws to your car behind your front number plate. The X-bar is considerably cheaper than a nudge bar and can be fitted in minutes.

See more about the Bushranger X-bar here.