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Vehicle Wraps

With the advancement in print media technology over the years, a new form of vehicle signage has emerged called Vehicle wrapping. It is the latest signage development that is really taking off and Altapac has dived head first into this form of vehicle signage to bring it to you. Vehicle wrapping involves a design being printed on a large sticker type material that can completely cover your vehicle from head to toe of just partially, whatever your requirements are. This sticker type material is then laminated to protect the printed material and increase its life span. So what can we wrap? Almost anything! We have wrapped trucks, trailers and all types of vehicles. We will try almost any vehicle and notify you of the best solution for your desired result and budget whether it is a full wrap or a partial wrap

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Design and Material


Altapac's in-house graphic designer can come up with a suitable design for your requirements. From the mild to the wild we can cater for all needs. If you are business all you need to do is supply your logo and any artwork and we can produce the design for you. We also have artwork on file to make your design come to life and create something unique.

To produce the vehicle wrap Altapac uses a Roland large format printer using genuine Roland inks. We also use 3M digital print materials and laminates.  This combined produces the highest quality material for wrapping your vehicle.

Application and Removal

Our trained applicators can have the vehicle wrapped to a highest of standards. Once the printed material is applied to the vehicle it actually protects the paint work underneath so when it comes time to removing the wrap for whatever reason, the surface underneath is not damaged and can improve the resale of the vehicle or if its a leased vehicle, peace of mind when it comes to trading your vehicle in for a new one.


The Altapac Ute Before the wrap..... The ute starting to be wrapped down one side..... And the final product being proudly displayed



The Altapac Ute having it's graphics removed


The removal reveals the protected paint work underneath

The ute will soon be ready for resale minus its graphics

For Enquiries about vehicle wraps, prices, and installation please go to the Altapac contact page.