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Computer cut patterns for your vehicle

In an effort to back up the performance of VentureShield Paint Protection Film, Altapac in combination with the global resources of Invisible Pattern manufacture computer engineered templates which are then cut from our computer plotting machines which are also used in our tinting and graphics divisions. This avoids the risks of hand cutting the film on your car and means the patters are cut to precision accuracy for each and every template before being applied by our accredit ted installers.

These patterns are developed to cover areas such as bonnets, bumpers, head light, grilles, wheel arches and more. In the event of accidental damage VenterShield can be removed without harming your paint work or leaving residue. The film can then be reapplied at a minimal expense in relation to getting the area repaired and repainted.


VentuteSheild is put to the test

An example of the performance of VentureShield this BMW was fitted with VentureShield. The vehicle then side swiped a garage wall a 13km/hr. As shown the after removing the film the bumper bar is left unmarked and clean of any adhesive residue.

The damaged section
The Bumper is left damage free

The venture shield is being removed
The film has not removed any paint

The damage on the venture shield
The bumper is left residue and damage free

Porsche Boxster

Audi Rs4

Ferrari F360

If you are looking for the ultimate in paint protection against stone chips and abrasions then the answer is now clear.

Gone are the days of putting up with that unsightly car bra that destroys the look of your car and only gives it protection while fitted. The alternative to this has been to slowly watch the vulnerable areas or you cars paintwork show more and more signs of general road wear and tear. Stone chips, abrasions, environmental fallout and unsympathetic road users all take the shine of that once new car paintwork.

Well now there is a perfectly clear answer to this problem and if you only look once you will probably miss it.Ventureshield is a clear and almost completely invisible high gloss and extremely tough thin polyurethane film designed to be applied to those vulnerable areas of your car to protect against stone chips, abrasions and all forms of road debris and environmental fallout.


Why have Ventureshield fitted:-

  • Does not alter your car's visual appearance and is virtually invisible.
  • Can be applied to any painted area requiring protection and is extremely conformable to curved areas.
  • Can be washed and waxed along with unapplied paintwork areas.
  • Five Year Warranty against cracking and bubbling.
  • Retain a higher resale value.

VentureShield Paint Protection Film has been the invisible force successfully protecting the painted surfaces of some of the most expensive cars on the planet in the Global Motorsport arena. Used by top race car teams within Formula 1, FIA GT, NASCAR and Le Mans series amongst others, VentureShield has been tested to the extreme both on and off the road. Try and pick the signs of the tough clear protection film barrier on the front of a few of these vehicles with the invisible protection of VentureShield. All these installs have been completed by the experienced and professional installers at Altapac.



VentureSheild Coverage

VentureShield comes in most commonly used 610mm and 1220mm roll width which we use to provide protection for your vehicle. Now thanks to the introduction of a 1470mm (58") roll width, Altapac are now able to complete installation covering the entire bonnet area on most vehicles. This, although adding slightly to the total cost of the film area used, means that the entire bonnet is protected and any concerns of a fine seam line across the bonnet due to the films micro-thin thickness is avoided. The Audi R8 with it's all in one bonnet and guard section provided a good test for the 1470mm roll width and test the conformability and clarity of the VentureShield product. End result is again perfectly clear

The large one piece of film is applied

The application nearing completion

The end result leaves no fine seam anywhere




Most Frequently asked questions:

What Is VentureShield?

VentureShied is the toughest Paint Protection Film on the market. Combining excellent elastic properties and optical clarity with high shear and tack adhesive, VentureShield is twice as stone resistant as the leading competitor.

Will it diminish the appearance of my car?

VentureShield will protect your car for years and remain virtually invisible. Can VentureShield be washed and waxed? Yes, you may and should wash and wax your vehicle as if VentureShield were not present. You should simply take care of the edges of the film when doing so.

Will my car fade under the sun?

Yes, VentureShield film is UV stable, but will allow UV rays to penetrate and therefore affecting the fade rate of your paint both under the film and on untreated surfaces equally.

If I sell my car can VentureShield be removed?

Yes, VentureShield uses a patented acrylic adhesive which can be safely removed without leaving residue leaving your car looking as good as the day you bought it. VentuerShield has been tested worldwide with results that prove, time and time again, that VentureShield paint protection Film is the clearest and strongest Paint Protection Film on the market. We can apply Venture shield to almost any painted surface that may be vulnerable to damage and if we do not have a pattern for your specific application then we can make one up for you.

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