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Child Restraint Fitting

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All passenger vehicles seatbelts are designed for adults bodies only. Therefore if a child is travelling in the car it must be restrained in an approved baby capsule or baby seat depending on the child's age. Failure to secure your child properly can cause unnecessary injury or even worse harm.  

If you are unsure on how to properly install your baby capsule or seat, or have an older car that needs to be modified so the baby capsule or seat can be install to your vehicle properly, then Altapac have a team of fully certified RTA child restraint installers so you can be sure your baby capsule or seat can be installed to the correct safety standards.

We can supply you with the correct information and offer inspections to make sure your child restraint is fitted correctly if you have fitted the seat yourself.

For more information regarding child restraints and fitting, please visit the RTA website.

For inquiries about child restraint fitting to your vehicle, prices and installation, please go to the Altapac contact page.