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What is Altacut

Altacut is Australia's first computerized tint cutting system for cutting window tint and developed exclusively by Altapac.

Altapac cuts all our car window tinting film templates via Altacut and a Roland cutting machine to aid in the accurate application of the film and a superior final result. No longer are inaccurate cardboard templates used, or the method of cutting the template on the outside of your car risking damage. Altacut cuts the tint template for your car perfect every time. With over a 1000 vehicle Make, Model and Year variants in our database we are guaranteed to have your vehicle covered.

Altapac can know offer its years of experience in computer cutting automotive tint templates and access to its huge databases of templates to other tinting

outlets who are also wanting to improve their efficiency and productivity.

By computer cutting vehicle window template you can benefit from the


  •     Improved accuracy and quality of template in half the time.


  •     Eliminate the chances of damaging a cars exterior when

                cutting a template for the car to be tinted.


  •     Tinters spend more time tinting opposed to making templates.


  •     Decrease film wastage by saving on materials required to tint each


Altacut saves on film by pre-nesting all the windows require to tint a vehicle and achieve the most efficient reduction of wastage. Altacut achieves efficiency by lacing window templates in areas of film where either the installer normally cannot cut or would not cut a template. By using a 40" roll width Altcut achieves the best combination of results by being able to use tint surface area not available by using 20" and 30" wide rolls separately for side and rear windows.